PSE HQ Sign Wave – Action #1!

Happy New Year!

We’re kicking off the new year with renewed commitment but we need your help! In 2017, the signs of our climate crisis were impossible to ignore: wildfires ravaged millions of acres, our skies were choked with smoke, supercharged hurricanes hit Puerto Rico and the Gulf Coast, and there was massive flooding in South Asia. Meanwhile, after a short leveling-off period, global carbon emissions have again started to rise.

Last June, six prominent scientists and diplomats, including former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres and physicist Stefan Rahmstorf, wrote that the world has approximately three years left to bend the carbon curve downward. If greenhouse gas emissions can’t be permanently lowered by 2020, global temperatures may reach an irreversible threshold.

The clock is ticking on our ability to curtail climate change, but this is not a time for despair! Together, we must demand bold and meaningful action from our leaders and stop new fossil fuel infrastructure from getting built. Here in Tacoma, for better or worse, we’re on the front lines and there is plenty of work to get done.

That’s why 350 Tacoma is launching its “52 in the 253” campaign in 2018! We’re committing to doing at least one meaningful action every week to tackle climate change and we need you to join us. Whether it’s making a sign and waving it, testifying at a public hearing, or participating in a mass action that slows construction of the LNG plant, every action matters and there is a place for everyone in this movement. We’ll be getting the momentum started with a series of small actions in the near future, but we want you to come to our monthly meetings and learn how you can organize your own actions as well. Look at our Facebook “Events” page or the calendar on our website to stay informed about upcoming events and actions.

Plunging into the new year, a small group of us showed up last Friday at the regional Tacoma headquarters of Puget Sound Energy to sign wave and bring awareness to PSE’s huge fracked gas facility that is currently being constructed without all permits in the Port of Tacoma. We don’t have time to be building new fossil fuel infrastructure when scientists say we need to transition aggressively and immediately to 100% renewables!