We’re just getting started!

350 Tacoma’s first public meeting will take place on August 10. As we grow we’ll have the capacity to branch out and launch campaigns that address the fossil fuel issues most important to the membership of 350 Tacoma.

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Here’s a look at campaigns already in the works

Keep It In The Ground

Puget Sound Energy

We’re supporting our city’s movement to halt development of Puget Sound Energy’s (Un)Natural (Fracked) Gas Facility in the Tacoma tideflats. We also stand in opposition to PSE’s request for a rate hike and delayed closure of the Colstrip power plants currently generating electricity with coal.


Divest Me

This campaign works to educate the public about financial institutions funding fossil fuels and offers a guide to choosing a responsible bank so you can vote with your dollars by moving your money.

Tacoma Divest!

Let’s pressure governments and influencer organizations on the local and state levels to divest from fossil fuels. This means changing the way they bank, much as an individual would move their funds out of a financial institution which funds fossil fuel projects.

Artful Activism

Artful Activism plays a role in supporting all campaigns by sharing the messages of 350 Tacoma through well thought out handmade posters, props and imagery. Join an Artful Activism art build to express your creativity, build community within 350 Tacoma, connect with organizational campaigns and engage others in the movement through art.


Part of 350 Tacoma’s mission is to share information about the climate crisis and how to solve it. This ongoing campaign umbrella is visible in our community, visiting schools, community groups and area events to get everyone up to speed on what’s happening to our warming planet and the solutions available to us right now.


This is the action behind the scenes. From organizational management and accounting, to promotional materials and online activities, to media relations and community outreach, this is the group that supports 350 Tacoma so members can focus on the campaigns that drive our group.