Salt Marsh Restoration

350 Tacoma, with the support of EarthCorps and the City of Tacoma, have been working monthly since January 2018 to restore a tiny neglected salt marsh and mud flat in the industrial Port of Tacoma, nestled between U.S. Oil & Refining and Washington United Terminal on the Blair Waterway.

Our goal is to love this little one acre open public space back to health. That involves picking up garbage, pulling out invasive weeds, restoring the soil, planting native plants and trees, and creating walkways and signage. The salt marsh was initially named for a French chemical company—Rhone Poulenc—that once operated on this site, but in consultation with the Puyallup Tribal Language Program we are restoring a native Twulshootseed place name: qʷiqʷəlut (little marsh).

Aerial image of the salt marsh adjacent to industrial lots at the Port of Tacoma