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350 Tacoma works to build a multi-generational, multi-racial, multi-issue movement to create the people power needed to rapidly transform our economy and society for a just, clean, safe world for all.

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Responding to Industry Propaganda

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4 days ago

350 Tacoma
Closing out Thanksgiving week, one more from climate activist and deep ecologist Joanna Macy on the power of gratitude: Thankfulness, she tells us, "loosens the grip of the industrial growth society by contradicting its predominant message: that we are insufficient and inadequate. The forces of late capitalism continually tell us that we need more—more stuff, more money, more approval, more comfort, more entertainment. The dissatisfaction it breeds is profound. It infects people with a compulsion to acquire that delivers them into the cruel, humiliating bondage of debt. So gratitude is liberating. It is subversive. It helps us realize that we are sufficient, and that realization frees us." ... See MoreSee Less
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