First Renewable Energy Gathering

by Rachael DeSouza

On July 6th, members of 350 Tacoma hosted a first Renewable Energy gathering. Thank you to everyone who participated in the thoughtful, focused, and fun conversation. And thanks to the team of hosts for the delicious food and beautiful outdoor setting. This group has a positive culture of friendship amidst meaningful conversation, where learning and progress is inspiring and tangible.

The group discussed what renewable means, what technologies exists, what makes sense in Pierce County, and ideas for how to promote renewable energy locally. We have great notes and ideas from the meeting (if you’d like to read more detailed notes, write to Ranae). The group decided to co-author a blog to share about the gathering, and each person wrote two sentences, below:

The Renewables Lunch meeting comprised an engaged group representing a variety of causes, both professional and personal. Even during the introductions, we all learned something about what is happening in Tacoma or what has potential to happen; the discussion that followed reflected members’ interest in education and action.

I liked spending time with people who are so committed and knowledgeable about protecting our climate. And I especially liked putting together creative and feasible renewable energy solutions for us locally. I liked the depth of our thoughtful discussion and the steaming delicious lunch! People are positive, sincere and hard working. I look forward to working together.

I think we are saying we must change our way of doing things to be in equilibrium with our environment and we can do it. I believe the wanton destruction and malice that is absent in other animals is rooted in our awareness of our fear.

I learned small businesses in Tacoma are being encouraged to be more environmental by Main Street Alliance. Pierce Transit moving toward electric vehicles.

Good to have people with a variety of backgrounds and current commitments. Incumbent on us to keep moving along as we settle on concrete goals and then work to achieve them. Bonus sentence:  great lunch and thanks for getting this going.

Thank you again for an extremely delightful and informative lunch today!  This is a great idea to gather like this, and I am looking forward to the next one. I’m glad I signed up to look up this book club, because I was nowhere near the right name, haha. Here is the link to all of the discussion series with the Northwest Earth Institute, and looking through them I wondered if “Powering a Bright Future” might be a good fit. Also, the Facebook event for the Ride and Drive is linked here. Please share!

I am learning a lot from each person’s lived experience, work experience, and passion. I liked discussing what “renewable” and “sustainable” mean. I also like that we came up with some short-term action ideas, and I’m looking forward to borrowing an electric-assisted bicycle to showcase at upcoming electrical vehicle shows (if anyone has one to share, write to me!). The food and setting was great! And everyone was so punctual! I felt so happy during and after our gathering.

Also note that another participant, Jeffery, was unable to submit sentences, but we acknowledge his expressed thankfulness for this group and interest in engaging in 1631 promotion with small businesses in Tacoma.

Please join for the next meeting, on Thursday August 2nd from 4-5pm at the Broken Spoke Bar. Our agenda includes reviewing material for a reading group, ideas for an I-1631 educational series, engagement in electric vehicle shows, and anything else the group wants to act on regarding renewable energy. We also plan to stay for Green Drinks, scheduled directly afterwards at the same bar. We look forward to meeting you and working together.