Joining the Tacoma Light Trail

350 Tacoma is joining the Tacoma Light Trail ! This weekend we put up an installation involving our luminary insect puppets. The light trail is from 5-9pm each night through Jan 24 and features many displays scattered around downtown.

Ours is at 311 Puyallup Ave and you can learn a bit more about us the old fashioned way by reading papers on our door.

Here we share a mix of art from our past actions, backdropped by our “Stand with the Puyallup Tribe” banners. We made the insects to illuminate the frightening decline of insect species worldwide. Greta Thunberg, painted by @latorreartstudio , inspires from the corner. Photos of our 2019 Climate Strike with @sunrise_tacoma and the @protectors.salish.sea hang on the left side. That action inspired city leaders to pass a Climate Emergency resolution, which we held them accountable for with our recent coalition Tacoma Climate Solidarity Event, represented by the “Water is Sacred” art on the floor. An orca chases a few salmon along the wall.