Which Side Are You On, PSCAA?

by Tracy Wiegman

Today I rode the bus to Seattle with Claudia Riedener and we went to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency board meeting where we joined a beautiful coalition of people from Power Past Fracked Gas, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Sierra Club, 350 Seattle, Redefine, 350 Tacoma, Youth, Elders, Concerned Human Beings Who Care and I’m sure others associated with organizations I may have missed.

We were there to let the board of directors know that we know they can do something to stop the permit from going through for the LNG fracked gas refinery, even if it’s a temporary decision to allow more time to correct all the ridiculous lack of good, current science in the SEIS (Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement), the document on which they are basing their permit decision.

I was full of hope, love and heartbreak as I listened to the comments with a good range of facts, heart, passion, fear, tears and love for our children, grandchildren and all Life that is in peril on our Sacred Mother Earth.

As we left the board room we sang, Which Side Are You On? and I was told there was a visible shift in a couple board members as they placed their hands on their hearts! How awesome is that?!

Together we are making a difference and we will win this and get on with our lives and the work of healing and restoring and reparations! I know it! And more importantly? I Feel it!