Even Planning Commission Seems Frustrated with City Council

This is probably how you say “WTF are you doing?” within city government.

Excerpts from a letter to the IPS Committee, which is composed of Council Members, from Planning Department staff.

It appears that the Planning Commission, city staff who are experts in relevant regulations and zoning, are also frustrated that the City Council have twice rejected their fact-based recommendations (that include banning fossil fuel expansion) and that the Infrastructure, Planning and Sustainability Commission (also composed of council members) is now adding perhaps eight amendments, some which allow continued expansion.

The Planning Commission outlines their reasoning in their “Findings of Fact,” shared here.

The best way you can help is to write polite emails with tough questions to individual council members. “How can we work together to ensure fossil fuel expansion is banned in Tacoma?” for example.

We also have a handy form letter at bit.ly/wePersist that goes to the IPS Committee.

City Council Email Addresses:

  • victoria.woodards@cityoftacoma.org (voted to implement Planning Dept’s recommendations)
  • john.hines@cityoftacoma.org
  • robert.thoms@cityoftacoma.org
  • keith.blocker@cityoftacoma.org
  • catherine.ushka@cityoftacoma.org (voted to implement Planning Dept’s recommendations)
  • chris.beale@cityoftacoma.org (voted to implement Planning Dept’s recommendations and still wants wants to ban fossil fuel expansion)
  • lillian.hunter@cityoftacoma.org
  • conor.mccarthy@cityoftacoma.org
  • kristina.walker@cityoftacoma.org (voted to implement Planning Dept’s recommendations but voting to add amendments now)

You can read the full letter here.