Local Artists Adorn 350 Tacoma Windows with Art

Inspired to keep the presence of 350 Tacoma alive in real time and space, Beverly Naidus proposed to find a team to make art for the windows of the non-profit’s space.

With the help of local muralist, Saiyare Refaei, three more artists were found to be part of our collaboration: Speakthunder Berry, Gerardo Peña, and Elle Grey.

“We brainstormed concepts during two Zoom meetings and then met in the space, masked and 6 feet distanced, to prepare seven canvas panels for painting. We decided to focus on what seeds for repair might be germinated by this time of fires, and what kind of positive visions might emerge from the smoke. We worked on each others paintings, told stories, cracked jokes, and after most of a month meeting daily in the space, we completed the project. The diversity of our painting styles is part of what makes this project feel fresh and lively,” said Beverly Naidus.

The team created seven stunning paintings on canvas that are displayed in the store front windows at 311 Puyallup Avenue.

Saiyare received some support from the Tacoma Arts Commission for this project as part of Tacoma Arts Month.